For Immediate Release

May 11, 2020


A new poll of Iowa Democratic voters shows that an overwhelming majority support a temporary Universal Basic Income consisting of recurring payments of $2000/mo as part of the CARES-2 Covid-19 relief package.

In addition, support for a permanent UBI leads opposition by 8 points (43% for, 35% against, 23% unsure) among Democratic voters, with 54% of 18-45 year olds in favor.

The poll, commissioned by the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity and conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP), was originally proposed by our own, grass-roots Humanity First Movement Iowa.

We are urging all Congresspeople to come out support recurring Covid19 relief payments or at least make a public statement on what they are doing to relieve the economic impact of this crisis on everyday Iowans. Senate primary candidates should make note, as 36% of their constituents are yet undecided.

Full text of the original press release (external link).
Full poll results (external link)
Includes questions on permanent UBI, Trump, and the current leanings towards democratic candidates in Iowa running for US Senate.

We need your help to make sure our elected leaders get the message loud and clear: